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Sunday, October 9th, 2016
2:44 pm
I am sitting on a bench in the park with my coffee after wLking home from the grocery store because thats my break from being at home.

The kids are home on fall break, although nao is not home much. V is home because of a jcked up shoulder, something called calcified tendinitis which is apparently very very painful. Without a job out of the house its just too much for me to be holed up there.

Our vacation was great. I'm not a camping person or a beach person. And definitely not a car trip person. Yet we decided to tale the car and do a trip of the island and stay at a different campground near a beach everyday. I think the keeping moving and seeing things kept it interesting, and relaxing at the beach in the afternoon was great. Mostly I liked the downtimes at night, without devices, without electricity, exhausted and just sitting and staring at the trees and the stars.

The scenery in Corsica is breathtaking. Very diverse even after a short distance.

The car had endless troubles overheating though, and I spent a lot of time worrying that it was about to spontaneously explode. We drove through a lot of narrow mountain roads where I didn't want to get stuck. It turned out to be a minor issue though.

Work sucks. I need to apply for unemployment, or find a new fulltime job. I hate the empty days and I want to keep traveling. I have so many plans.
Wednesday, September 21st, 2016
7:44 am

I was struggling so much in the last days with anxiety over getting shit done and money and underemployment and then I got my period and whew! Everything seems doable now.

Today I have a bunch of work to do actually and on Friday we're leaving on vacation, and Im not prepared. (Again! Its nothing but traveling this year after nothing for so long!)

The kids will return from school Friday night and then were off immediately to Genoa to catch the overnight Ferry to Corsica. Im not prepared - i got most of our itinerary, but need to copy down the adresses of all the campsites so we can actually find them. Also, camping. Im not a camping person and I have no idea. We have two small simple tents because we are moving around and dont want to deal with the setting up each night. I hope it wont rain, or we'll be sleeping in the car.

In completely different news, the guy I had my first sex with - the bartender who liked me and I did it just to get it over with and then dumped him - has a kid in Rayo's class.
Saturday, August 13th, 2016
8:21 pm
When was the Last time? Because Nao came back from Brasil, went to London (with my brother and sil), and is now back. Now the kids are both with nao's dad, they'll get home later today.

I binge-watched the entire Stranger Things. Memories of all the Stephen King movies in my teens. Now I'm wTching Reality Bites. We were sooooo impressed with that movie back then. I like the clothes and the hairstyles and I remember all the songs, but Ethan Hawke? How was he ever attractive?

I like the memories that come with getting older. And I like being older, but there were Some good times with friends then.

School starts on Monday. Cant wAit. Rayo has a new teacher for 5th grade, and 5th grade is a big step up. Seh will Start English (randomly, I found out while on vacation that seh understood Most of my conversations. I asked where she'd learnt that and she shrugged and said youtube.)

Nao starts in a new school on Monday. Regular schooling is until 9th, this is you're an adult now get your shit done school. It's sort of a prep for degrees in the health/ social work/education field. She's excited about her psychology and philosopy/ethics classes. And she hopes French will be easy for her.
Monday, July 18th, 2016
3:43 pm
I am back home from Croatia and that was beautiful. I wish I could have seen more, spent more time walking through the Diocletian Palace in Split, but there's a limit to sightseeing with Rayo. We stayed in a simple, nice guesthouse an easy Bus ride outside of Split, in a suburban beach/local tourism kind of place, my favorite. We went to the little pebble beach each day and played in the water and read. We sat in the garden of a little restaurant each Night and i had a small beer and grilled squid and tiny Fish Fried whole and seafood risotto, while R, the picky eater, chose pizza and pasta and chicken.

I had booked two tours from Split, and they made me happy in the way that getting up and moving in a new place do. we visited Krka National Park which was gorgeous, and also fine with R since we spent Most of the day swimming in the river. The kayaking/snorkeling Tour was teally fun.

I got a new phone! Finally. My old iphone had gotten wonkier and wonkier. I Switched to a new contract that's a much better deal, and Took the opportunity to look at new phones. I mean, i did that months ago. I pre-ordernd the new iPhone SE, which seemed a reasonable compromise, cheaper than the 6, better than the 5. it was supposed to take a week, it arrived on Friday.

Im surprised at how nice and smooth everything Works. R got my old phone with a prepaid Thing. She used that to Chat with her old best friend from daycare, and so I am Here now spending the afternoon at the pool with the two of them.

The Tour de France is passing through my City today and there was a big detour, lots of busses are canceled or rerouted.

I have finished most everything by Chimamanda Adichie and am now reading M Train by Patti Smith.

Watercolor painting is still eluding me.
Wednesday, May 11th, 2016
8:40 pm
My client's website we're working on is supposed to be re-launched on Tuesday. It's a big fucking mess still. I bet they're glad now that they fired all these people. Hah! I'm supposed to check all the links, re-do a shit ton of formatting, exchange pics, and relate assets. There's no way I can get this done this week. It might have worked out if I had started two weeks ago when I was supposed to, I mean when the first timeline had me start. But they weren't ready until yesterday. There are still parts missing. Everybody's stressed now.

I'm back from drawing class right now though, so all is fine. I need my teacher to be harder on me. He does nice constructive criticism and compliment sandwiching. He's got paying students after all. But I need different to progress I think.

We're about to book Nao's flight to Brazil. She's going to spend the summer with in-laws there. On her own. It's awesome and nerve-wrecking. I've been wanting to do something with Rayo - this winter, she and V went to Brazil, I took a short trip to Amsterdam with Nao. Now Nao's going to Brazil, and she'll be going to London for a few days with my brother/her godfather. I thought I could do something with just R, and she said she'd love a trip with just the two of us. But then I thought there would be no money, but now with these projects I got a million hours in, I calculated back and forth. There's enough for a cheap flight and a cheap hotel. So totally on a whim, I bought us tickets to Split/Croatia in early July. Excited about that!
Monday, May 9th, 2016
11:11 pm
Im watching GoT with V, the second episode. I have seen it, he hasnt, so we are catching up and then watch the next.

Drawing has turned from that relaxing hobby to an Obsession. Yesterday i couldn't sleep because of the pictures in my mind that I Need to get out. bummer that my technical skills are not up to it yet. I have made Progress, I know. But I just bought that pastel pencil set and am experimenting with color and I dont just have to learn the technique, I have to learn a whole New Way of seeing.

My Job is kind of a mess. There is and will probably be enough hours but everything got moved to new people and new departments and I know nothin Jon Snow.

Speaking of that, R is extraordinarily obsessed with GoT for somebody who is not allowed to watch it.

Following me on insta for my drawing if you dont already, cttbe.

I love every single one of you and I will try to post again.
Saturday, November 21st, 2015
9:52 pm
Nao just sent me some old pics of her, and her dad and sister in 2002 in India.

No wonder I slept with the guy.

Also, he makes pretty kids.

Monday, September 21st, 2015
7:58 pm
Its phone Update Time!

Man, i didnt know what to write. I've been drudging through the weeks, still with this cold. And i Need More things to Look forward to. We Havent been doing much on Weekends, Nao is here and we have Visited family and wiorked in her Job Applications and then she leaves early in the afternoon on Sunday. Its not Fun having to Apple for jobs/apprenticeships when your 15 and that seems like your while Future. We have been Sending off a ton, but they have all let us know in Octobee. There's a FairPlay agreement Amine employers not to hire any earlier for apprenticeships. Not everybody Sticks with that, and the das are out, so were Sending off Letters but not Feelings hurried.

Im still and always amazed at how Great Nao handles, you know , life. I feel like it Took me forever into adulthood to get m Shit halfway together, so how dös she do that?

Shes very happy in geneva, has found Friends, she likes her family, but there s this fucking janitor - he chatted with her on the bus, he Takes the Same One home, she found that annoying. But then he Textes her - she didnt give him her number. And apparently today again ran to get on the Same. Fuck and while that could Happen here it is so scary when Shes away. She will complain at the school tomorrow and let me know, and of they dont seriously Cut that Shit i will go in there like whoa!

Here and now though, r is unexpwctedly also benefiting from n being gone. Shes so always been the Baby WHO likes being at home and Well being babied. She also has a Lot more anxiety about a Lot of things. But lately she has been very consciously challening Herself to be more independent. We are slowly working on her Taking the bus to school in her own, and Shes been doing so great in her New Dance class. Im also amazed at how she Identifies and name's her Feelings of anxiety. She was nervous about her First Day of Horde riding camp today, and she Talkes about it and asked for reassurance and Knete that she would be Fine once she started. I just know i did not have anyone to Talk to äs a Kid, and didnt have the words, an in Top of my anxiety i just believed i was wring to Steuggle so much.

I Need to Return to work, it hard to fit it all in before and after Rayos class, but then i also get that enforced Break in the afternoon. Today ibought dinner geoceries and had coffee and read and drew. Dinner was a mix of dark greens with Apple,Croûtons and Bacons with raspberry Dressing, plus Bacons Bürgers for everybody Else.
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015
1:23 pm
Nao is back home for the Weekend. I was dragthing along in a Bad mood all week. I dont like Feelings. I still find them hard to identify. I grew up thinking i had none and i was somehow fucked up because people had them and i read about them in books. I Mistlagerung had anxiety or the absence thereof. Mostly anxiety. Now its mostly not, unless im tired.
So i was in a Bad mood because i Misses her a lot. Except for wednesday evening. I had drawing class, we meet in the City and i spend two hours sketching a door and then i felt totally Great.

I've been making fancy salads all week and having just that for dinner. Mixed greens, fennel, Apple, parmigiano, almonds. Spinach, croutons, chili cheese, avocado. Rucola, blueberries, feta. Yesterday was my Weekend Day off the diet. I made oven Fries and eoasted veggies, veggie burgers and a Quark dip. Tonight Nao is cooking some dort of Thai chicen Soup.

Yesterday when she got home she wanted to watch Tv. We finished the Last three episodes of TWD, and started oitnb. Im always behind, it Takes me forever to decided on a Series to watch. Basically it's TWD for me, with got a Distant second. So we Stayed up until 3am and then the kids woke me at 9.

We went to the Library and had a Starbucks Reading Date the three of us. It promises to be a lovely Weekend.

Back home, n left to visit a Friend at the hospital, and r got a call from her best friend from daycare Times. We Arranged for a playdate an now im at the pool with both Girls. Ok, gotta go, they want ice cream.
Wednesday, August 12th, 2015
11:16 am
I am waiting while updating to Yosemite in order to install ms Office in my mac.

I Took over online reporting duties for my clients, i did it for the first Time just now. It's basic gathering of numbers, excel graphs and a Power Point presentation for them.

But! My libreoffice is totally not compatible. My Stomach was in Kontakt over that These days, it's ridiculous. I hate it when i can't do things perfectly. And then I was worried they would all hate me. It's Fine now though.

Also Lots of other work.

Good things:

V is fine. I guess we Need to erhasch that later, but basically he was an asshole about housework. Now he's stepped up, we will See how Long IT lasts.

Nao has offered to pick up R from School today and take her to the pool. So i get to finish what i Need to do.

Tonight is my drawing class! I started doing that Last spring. I used to Love drawing, and Well, then i had kids and life Happened and i Quit. Now that i started the class, im doing it more often at home. You have probably Seen it on fb.

Yesterday nao's boyfriend's parents unvordenkliche us for dinner. Shes been with him for about 1 1/2 years, and obviously we are now at the in-lawing family Meeting Stage. They own a Restaurant! Right around the corner from our house. The Food was awesome.

Sorry, my phone likes capitalisation.
Saturday, March 8th, 2014
6:08 pm

I was looking at myself in the mirror in my parents' house when i discovered gray hairs. A good dozen. Thats not a Lot in terms of gray in your Late 30s, i know. And i love. Gray hair very much. But I've Never Seen more than a random One Here or there. Even 20somethings have occasional stray Grays. I just thought that kickass gray hair went with kickass accomplished lifes. I want to get that.

I guess i do have some Applications out to jobs i might have a chance at which feels mich better than the Last Time i dis this. With some luck, i might Piece together some nearly Füll Time employment. Just Pieckng together isn't all that bad, and my Random experiences all summed up seem to put me somewhere into doing Media/communication work which is weirdly enough much closer to what i Used to think i wanzend to do but then gave up on.

I buy Cheap flowers regularly. My hair Looks greAt. Im tentatively growing out my bangs. I have this plan to Build a nicer wardrobe of somewhat higher quality items, but each month i find that i Need a couple of tees and socks, or decent pants and underwear more urgently. So it has not Happened. But im Sticking strictly to only buying what fits into my uniform. i have Striped Tees and skinny jeans and white Button downs. I Need a Spring Parka, a great Black Blazer and Chinos. New Balance sneakers, strappy Sandals, brogues and Flat black Boots. I have Seen a Nice bag and a nice backpack and all the shoes but i can do One thing a month or every two months. I want to order a dress or two from modcloth Most of all.

Monday, March 3rd, 2014
7:17 pm

I'm in a stand-off with v about the sharing of duties at home. Because his thing- and it's A Thing I know Not just His- is to make any thing exceedingly comlicated äs tobrequire my help and input. There are always exceptional circumstances when je attemprs chores that i have been doing just Fine all along. Right now i have put him on kirchen duty. Meaning loading and unloading the dishwasher. That should not be too much, right. I pick up the kids and make dinner every night because je Works a later shift and i just wanz to come home to a clean kotchen. Of the dishwasher is empty, U'll Start Cookinseln and put Thinges away as i go, the kids Set and clean up the table, all je Needs to do is put away gis dishes and the pans, and empty and put away breakfast dishes in the morning. Yet every morning he glances at the dishes, decided that they are not clean enough, and runs it again. (Our dishwasher Isnt that great anymore, but 80% of Thinges are clean) Breakfast dishes will not get put away because there is nö space. Essentially, je gets to say he's doing the work but there's Zero benefit to me and im still doing the Same amount of work. Meanwhile je gets to be superior by telling me how I could ever consider letting the kids eat Off Dirty dishes.

He has offneres to put the kids to bed twice a week. I dont Know how That will work when i am at home and asked to "help out" with all the exceptional problems. I should stay out but all i really want is to Sir quietly somewhere and read a book.

I have plans to go out to a Concert and a movie in the neckt two weeks. My fucking Salary hasnt been deposited in my account so right now were terrible broke. Im Sire it wont be a Problem but i hate calling my Boss and being broke leaves me anxious Even though I've got. A nice amount coming in.

I also really want some New clothes.

Saturday, February 15th, 2014
11:31 pm

I have promised Rayo she can stay up a bit longer. Its 11pm. That's nothing to her. I'm wAiting for my bread in the oven and then i will make her turn off the computer and go to Bed and read. Although yesterday she waited until i was asleep and then sneaked into the Living room to play Computer Games. V was still up and she told him with Great authority that i had allowed this. She didnt know the password though so v woke me up to ask. Did you get that? I ranted hin out because of this example of the most passive parenting ever. To His Credit, je didnt give in to my half-woken pissed-off rambling and just kept apologizing.

I have finished One awesome book and stRted another by a highly praised Young Swiss Autor and god it sucks. He cantwrite at all and its boring. The only negative criticism I've Heard- is about its stereotypical female Protagonist, but so dar every Person is shallow and lifeless. I was Looping dorward to 700 Pages of entertainment ifnor brilliance.

I love twd again. I've been waitingfor them. to get out of the prison and Roam. Im Looking forward to following the Differenz groups. Carl kicked ass in the Last episode. I d been waiting for hershel to go, but i was still surprised when je dies.

Nao has a boyfriend. Tell ne thats going to be alright. Eventually it wont, and U'll have to deal with her beölen heArt and im already panicking.

He s a Nice cute Guy from her school. And there has been some asking out before, but this One is someone whos been a close friend for months before and they Used to spend hours and hours talking.

Naos spending the next week shadowing a nurse in a retirement home. Seh's already spend a Dax wir a physical therapist and loved it. Seh's planning to do a pre-nursing apptenticeship and the get a degree in pysiotherapY.

I made spiced Apple cupcakea with Honey frosting today and coffee w/ Coffee frosting. All because i forgot to büx chocolatw for the chocolatw ones i was planning and had to do with what i had at home.

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
4:58 pm

I dont like to ne the Person who Checks in every couple of months ( and weites illegibly autocorrected phone entries). I miss you guys.

I've been working. I enyoy work. Its actually often tedious work, but I enjoy the Part where I've quickly become the indispensable substitute for the boss. I've decided recently toi Look for more work, postponing Uni. It's a Big huge Relief. I should have either Quit or done better a Long Time ago. I will See whT i can salvage out of it, but right now, im Not ready to go on in too little money and U'll so what i enjoy doing which is work in any form. And actually enjoying reading and thinking now instead of Feelings guilty about basically everything which is Not Working on a paper which is Alwayss.

I got time to Write this because Ray is at her First Ballet Lesson in a Way over the Top Whites tutu. Nao is at FREE skicamp. Its organited by the national skiing Association (or something), its a lottery to get in and its free!

I Love You!

Monday, November 11th, 2013
12:49 pm

Post post post on the train because 'm missing you.

Im on the way home from lecture in my second minor, art history of eastern asia. Talking about the genji tales in a seminar on narrative art. I have a fabulous idea for my paper because we need to talk more about sex in this. Its all about the fucking in there. Like 11th century japanese court shades of grey. That will be the point of my paper. I always have fabulous ideas but im way behind in several other papers that i actually need to write. I wish i could just transfer my brilliant drivel into the head ofmy profs instead of this oldfashioned putting it on paper. Wait, thats called talking right? It should happen without me having to look into anyone's eyes.

Who wants to talk walking dead with me? Im so happy its back. Mindays are always busy with school and work so i end up watching after midnight and end up overtired on tuesday which is my other day of classes.

I ended up with another obsession with minimal fashion blogger who all wear all the things im wearin or want to wear. Pnly much more expensive. The reality is that lately my sensory issues have ramped up to the point that i have a hard time with most of my clothes. I have an awesome pair of straight legged loose fitting grey slacks that look good and that i dont mind but thats about it. I really want to wear white button downs with my black skinny cords but most days i cant face it.

Yesterday i re-watched half of the hunger games with the kids in preparation of the second movie and i cried so much diring the lottery and they made fun of me. They'd also laugh if they saw how slowly im typing this on the phone.

I wanted to tell you about the sunday a couple if weeks ago when i went to an art show with Nao. I think that was this year's, or actially last year's? Resolution to do something like this once a month. I failed though. . I did go to to exhibitions and read a couple of books and magazines.

Thursday, September 26th, 2013
9:19 am

I'm on the train posting on the phone (im not a fast. Phone typer and nao likes to make fun of me, though im not as bad as v who deals with technology like your averageoctogenarian) im swamped at work. Did i say i had to fill in for the projectmanager who's on vacation? The boss is away too, in brazil for work. So it was a bit steep taking over all resbonsability adter about a month ar the job.

Im otherwise content manager for a company that handles the websites of a large cultural foundation. Normally i ger sent some articles and upload them. Plus randim things, some editing and proofreading, ordering translations, testing new stuff. Now im doing all that, and distributing work to the freelancers. There are two new prijects, and my coworker entirely forgot to tell me about one of them and didnt send me the material for the other. I was freaking out when i figured that out on tuesday and then came in early on wednesday. It has all worked out, but then yesterday night i go t another mail with updates to a site thats rarely updated and some major corrections on a new site which i didnt expect yet. So this is turning into something more of a near 100% job rather than coworkers usual 50-60.
i need to get a lot done today because tomorrow i want to go to rayos last day at her riding lesson.

My employercrents a few rooms in an office that belongs to some casino managing company that has majorly downsized. It looks all 80s casino fancy with thick blue caroets and a huge ass shiny reception desk where bobody ever sits. Its almost empty most of thge time. But everythings dusted and polished i dont knoow when and by whom. there are fake flowers in the corners and water and glaases on the tables in the conference rooms tat are never used. the cafeteria is alway a bit dark because you cant turn on all the lights, and the table is surrounded by casino slot macjines that are turned off. its all a lulltle creepy. The secretary aometimes sits in her office and crochedts, a few guyscome in sometimes. Often im all alone with the big bathroom with three stalls nobody using them.

V haa taken the week off work and is taking her to lessons every morning. She loves it. And is already planning to do it again in spring. Luckuly she has not yet figured out that there is such a thing as weekly lessons because we couldnt afford that. Nao is in her usual sports camp this week.

I really really like coming home to dinner on the table. A lot. I had to tell v though if he cozld please clea up, do laundry and scoop the cat litter and smugly pount out that rthis iscwhat im doing everyday when he is at work.
ill try to post this now and then tell you more. Connection on the train is sometimes sucky.

Sunday, September 15th, 2013
4:31 pm

This is what i look like bored at tha playground.

4:30 pm

I need to get on here again so im doing it now. On the phone so ignore typos.

The big good thing is that i have started a new job. Im doing upload of articles and edizing and other random stuff for a company that handles the website for s large cultural fund. Working mostly from home, on our crappy little netbook, flexible hours, very good pay. The downside iscthat im paid by the hour, no guaranteed hours domewhere between 10 and 30 percent. We could deal at 30, with that payy, but not 10. i'vw been looking fir something more, but its been going well and ive gotten additional responsibilites and next week eill fill in for the project manager while hes on vacation.

We got on welfare and man the process socked. The intake interview was terrible. But then the social worker forgot our next appointment and shes been very nice ever since. So we re getting some money now but it looks like we're going to be off benefits at the end of the month whenn i get paid for the first time.

The kids are back at school. Nao is in8th grade and in the swiss system she needs to get into a four year svchool or get a four year apprenticeship after 9th. So her school is all abou choosing a job field and preparing for the application process now. That's so scary and shes so young. Shes doing zumba once a wek and wants to take up fencing, therse are some free classes throuh the school.

Rayo is surprisingly ecxellent at school for being such a stobborn little kid. Ive also signed her up for free dance classes and children uni lectures and the citys childrens parliament. I really want to finally get them both music lessons ( nao wants to play bass guitae and r violin) but rhats acouple hundred even with the subsidies and i just havent been able to evev think about it woth all the money worries.

Oh and nao and her friend were home alone one sunday and flooded the fucking house. Entire bathroom and hallway abd water running down the downstairs neighbors walls. Tey ripped out the floors and weve got two loud industrial dehumudifiers in the house. Im thankful for good insurance and hope the fire department wont send us a bill.

With all that im wowfulla unprepared for the aemestercthat staets tomorrow. I only know about my first class.

But im happier being busy. I startde wearing makeip again, my nails are painted, my house is cleaner than ever and my pants fit afain.

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
2:45 pm
We're currently leaving the house at 7:30am, take the Train at 8:05 to go to riding lessons, and don't return until 1pm. Rayo is dead tired by the time we're home, so we're resting and I'm doing some cleaning. And resting myself. I've been planning to head to the pool in the afternoons, but we haven't and it's ok.

Pony riding camp is about the best Thing we ever did. She is so so happy there, and it's awesome to watch. The People there are doing an excellent Job, there's some theory, and homework, each day, caring for the ponies is part of the lesson, and they still get plenty of riding time. The Kids are learning to sit and Balance, Close their eyes, reach for things, walk and trot.

I made the mistake of looking up regular riding lessons, and yeah, that isn't Happening. It's holy shit expensive. And also complicated because yes, Pony farms are not usually located in City centres. So we don't have too many Options. I'd love for her to continue, so maybe we could manage to put her into another week-long camp during fall break. On the other Hand, over time it starts to get pretty intensive and requires a lot of hours. I shouldn't worry about that yet, though. Also, I had all that baggage about how horse riding is not for People like us (unless you actually lived on a farm, then you'd get a horse, but not proper lessons either).

I Need to fold some laundry, I think. I've been making nice dinners. Monday was spicy Couscous salad with chicken, tomatos, and olives, yesterday focaccia with fresh tomatos and goat cheese, and a salad with cucumber, tomato, onion, and parsley. Tonight I'm frying tilapia Filets, and serve them with spring potatoes and parsley pesto (because yesterday's parsley came in a big bag). I want to make gazpacho, too.
Monday, July 8th, 2013
7:33 pm
I finally looked up the No S diet Thing you People got going on, and it's like, duh, that's pretty much how I eat when I eat reasonably, and it's usually enough to lose some weight, albeit slowly. I've not been Managing the low carb Thing due to that being somewhat more expensive/complicated, so I'll try the No S Thing. Although I feel like there should be an exception for the pre-menstrual period as well, which is where I am right now. I bought a bag of potato Chips today because I've been thinking about Chips for days (but I haven't eaten any until now, so that's a success in itself). On the other Hand, potato Chips is all I've eaten today so far, so I can Count that as lunch rather than a Snack, right? It's actually not too difficult to eat right when it's so hot outside.

I made a Couscous salad with chicken, tomato, and olives for dinner. It's delicious. I sauteed the chicken cubes with salt, pepper, garlic powder, spicy chipotle Sauce and lime Juice, and threw it over the Couscous. Tomorrow, I'm making a tomato-goat cheese tarte. I'm also making banana chocolate Muffins right now to take to Rayo's riding lesson tomorrow, her actual birthday. I hope that works out, because I totally winged the recipe.

I took Rayo to her first day of her week-long Pony riding lessons today. It was a big success, and it's adorable to see a bunch of 6-8 year olds with their ponies. I waited around, and some other mom started talking to me, but that conversation faltered after a couple of sentences. 15 minutes later, that mom was happily chatting to two other moms. I mean, they don't even know each other, and I don't think I'll ever get how talking banalities with complete strangers wins out over sitting quietly and reading a book. I can do it if someone else insists, and on rare occasions we even find something interesting to talk aobut, but otherwise I have made peace with my introvert self. It was amusing to see it Play out.

Some guy from our cell phone Company and offered me a sweet deal, since we're good customers, with all three of us signed up to them. With a minor upgrade/Price raise on my contract we'd get a Samsung tablet for free. I've read the fine print and it still sounds tempting. WE've only got one crappy little netbook, no TV, and Nao's Ipad serves all our reading/playing games/watching TV/Streaming movies/listening to Music Needs (apart from the iPhones, but that'so nly good for emergency tv watching).

Speaking of games, on Saturday our sleepover with Rayo's friend who showed up tot he birthday Party ended up with us all having dinner at their place, and M, R's friend's dad, taught me how to Play Backgammon. So now I've added that to Things I shouldn't waste my time on, together with candy crush that Rayo accidentally hooked me on.
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